Tinnitusta ei voi hoitaa? Tinnitus on aina pysyvää? - Can't treat tinnitus? Tinnitus Is Always Permanent?

Tämä on vanhaa tietoa. Tinnitukseen on paljon hoitokeinoja ja jopa mahdollisuus parantumiselle. - This is old information. There are many treatments for tinnitus and even the possibility of healing.
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If you have tinnitus, it can be caused by many different conditions. See the chart of the article in Helsingin Sanomat below. It is based on the original chart of an organization of tinnitus researchers called TRI.

Start by thinking about a possible cause and first apply for an ear check and hearing test. If you have a problem with your ears, see an ear doctor for treatment. Hearing rehabilitation also helps some people. Reflections from the muscles are treated by a physiotherapist, osteopath, masseur, acupuncturist, or other expert. Bite problems are treated by a dentist who specializes in biting.

Since I myself am retired, so I do not accept patients. In Helsinki, my reference person Jarmo Lehtimäki (tel. 0503398804) has promised to provide personal guidance. There are skilled physiotherapists in different localities.

One-third of tinnitus is reflected in the muscles and therefore this treatment is worth trying.